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Did you Sleep Last Night?


Did you Sleep Last Night?

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A new United Nations document says that in most cases where Palestinians have been killed or injured during Israel’s ongoing Gaza campaign, the Israeli army alerted civilians ahead of time who were occupying buildings, that they planned to bomb in Gaza, to leave the premises.

“At least 35 residential buildings were reportedly targeted and destroyed, resulting in the majority of the civilian casualties recorded so far, including an attack on 8 July in Khan Younis that killed seven civilians, including three children, and injured another 25,” according to the Occupied Palestinian Territory: Hostilities in Gaza and Israel Situation Report. “In most cases, prior to the attacks, residents have been warned to leave, either via phone calls by the Israel military or by the firing of warning missiles.”

The document was released by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) at 15:00 on July, 9, 2014.

Hamas, however, has officially urged residents to ignore the Israeli warnings to evacuate prior to Air Force air strikes, and, instead, called on them to serve as human shields.

The Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Interior and National Security said in a statement released on Wednesday, that “(sic) the ministry calling all our people not to deal or pay attention to the psychological warfare carried out by the occupation through rumors that broadcast across his media and delivering publications and communications on the phones of citizens, and the lack of response for each of these means, which aims to weaken the domestic front in light of great steadfastness of our people to face the aggression.”

In an interview on July 8, Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri justified using residents as human shields. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu, in a statement released at the conclusion of a crucial security cabinet meeting Thursday evening on the third day of Operation Protective Edge, emphasized that the IDF was “making every effort to avoid hitting civilians and innocents.”

The PM noted that the casualties so far were because Hamas officials were “maliciously hiding behind Palestinian civilians.”

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*Livingstone’s Turaco


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Oklahoma’s Statehouse New Satanic Monument

This is actually pretty awesome…
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Smokey AKA Chris Tucker tribute. Friday

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